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Ultralight Recipes

Optimized for Peak Performance

175+ dietitian-created recipes designed to encourage recovery and reduce inflammation.

Special Diet Friendly

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and low-sugar options.

Ultralight & Low Volume

Bear can friendly recipes averaging >140 calories per ounce to save you pack weight and space.

Freezer Bag Style

Simply mix dry ingredients and prepare in 5 minutes or less at home and on trail. No cooking, simmering, or dehydrating required.

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Pasta Recipe
Jess Brown Backcountry Foodie Testimonial Headshot

"Backcountry Foodie is my go-to resource for recipes for my backpacking trips. The recipes are not only delicious and light-weight but they’re nutritious and will save you money. I also love the peace of mind of knowing what’s in my food. Thanks so much, Aaron!"

Jess B.

Recipe Dashboard

Recipe Dashboard with Search & Filters, Sample Recipe Card and PDF

Sleek Design

Easily search for recipes using a variety of filters in addition to member ratings and reviews.

Nutrition & Dry Weight Values

Carbohydrate, fiber, protein, fat, sodium, kcal/oz, and dry weight (ounces & grams) provided.

Unit Conversions & Adjustable Serving Sizes

Switch between US customary/Metric and adjust serving sizes with a click of a button.

Save & Print for Later

Create a favorites list and print recipes with field instruction labels for later use.


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Meal Planner

Multi-Day Backpacking Meal Plans

Create unlimited menus by dragging & dropping your favorite recipes and 150+ commercial foods, bars, and snacks.

Auto-Calculated Nutrition Summary & Dry Weight

A complete summary is auto-calculated for each day including total calories, dry weight, & water volume needed for meal prep.

Mobile Friendly Shopping List

Auto-generated and customizable shopping lists based on menus selected.

Dietitian-Created Meal Plans

30-days of ultralight meal plans to choose from and make your own. 3000, 4000, & 5000 calorie options. 7-day no-cook/cold soak, 7-day no repeat, and 7-day high calorie thru-hiker options.

Meal Planner with Shopping List Demo Screenshots


Backcountry Foodie provides nutrition coaching for Trust the Trail's guided backpacking trips. Aaron was featured on episode 180 of their podcast, which provides a great overview of Aaron's approach to backpacking meal planning and nutrition. Check it out here.

Community Forums

Aaron in camp preparing creamy lemon pesto pasta

Dietitian Moderated

Confusing misinformation found online will be clarified by dietitians with backpacking experience.

Expert Advice

First time backpacker? Ask questions in a safe environment without the fear of being bullied.

Latest Hot Topics

See what's hot at a glance and share your thoughts.

Worldwide Member Directory

Connect with like-minded hikers in your neighborhood or continents away. Creating a profile in our directory is optional.


We support non-profit outdoor organizations through direct donations and member discounts on our services.
1% of your purchase price will benefit the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

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Live & On-Demand Masterclasses

Dietitian Produced

Expert advice delivered via livestream by an ultralight, long-distance hiking dietitian with thru-hiking experience on the AT, PCT, & OCT.

Recipe Demonstrations

Learn how you can efficiently prepare meals at home and on trail and save time and money.

Live Q & A Sessions

Ask your backpacking food questions and receive immediate answers.

Variety of Topics

Backpacking Food 101, How to Avoid Hitting the Wall, Nutrition at Altitude, Extreme Heat Considerations, Resupply Strategies, and MORE! Topic suggestions are welcomed.

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what our members are saying

Caroline Draper Backcountry Foodie Testimonial headshot circle

"Backcountry Foodie was a wonderful resource for my Colorado Trail planning. The recipes were easy and tasty, the tools were streamlined and easy to use, and the food planning which I had been dreading turned out be fun! Thanks Backcountry Foodie, for a great experience!"

Caroline D

Robin McDermott long trail testimonial image

"I am just so wowed by your recipes!  I am doing tests at home at this point and I am more excited than ever to get out backpacking so I can eat more of what I have been testing.  These calorie bomb meals are delicious, but would be very dangerous if I made them part of my home meal routine. 😉"

Robin M

David Burge Backcountry Foodie Testimonial headshot

"I’ve been using Backcountryfoodie.com for over a year. I like the variety of meal recipes, but I really appreciate that Aaron is making sure that I’m getting a balance of carbs, fats, and protein. That keeps me hiking strong."

David B

"I love what Aaron is doing! I firmly believe that nutrition is key to SO many parts of life and my biggest fear of a thru hike was not nourishing my body in a way that would help me have sustained energy, maintain muscle and stay mentally strong for 6 months. However, then I found Backcountry Foodie and I feel like it is TOTALLY possible."

Andrea M

Paul H Profile Square

"On my five-day hike, your meals/recipes stood out. I look forward to them each day. In fact, for the meals where I did not use your recipes, I was disappointed in myself for not using your meals. You and your recipes definitely added to the quality of my trip!!!!!"

Paul H

Ellie Average Hiker Trail Magic Square

"Backcountry Foodie offers quick recipes that are easy to make, and they cover the sphere – cold soak, hot, gluten free, vegetarian, etc. You name it, they really do have something for everyone. As I get older and hike further, keeping my pack weight low while maintaining healthy nutrition is important." Read full review here.


Kim McCorqudale Whitney Summit

"Even though my 2020 PCT hike was delayed, I greatly enjoyed preparing Aaron's recipes as they all sound really yummy and are so easy to put together. All of the ones I've sampled have been very tasty and I know they will help keep me going on trail in 2021! I have also really appreciated her personal response whenever I have a question."

Kim M

Here's what you can expect on your next adventure...

Delicious Meals

You'll actually look forward to your meals in the backcountry!

Feel Great on Trail

Power through the day and finish feeling strong with protein optimized for performance and carbohydrate to protein ratio needed for recovery.

Lighter, Smaller Food Bag

Ultralight recipes maximize the calories and nutrition per gram to reduce your overall pack weight and volume.

Quick & Easy Meal Prep

Meals are prepared in half the time and use less than half the water when compared to commercial freeze-dried meals. No simmering or clean up required.

Get Started

Eat Well & Love Your Backpacking Meals!


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Meal Planner


Meal Planner


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200+ Dietitian-Created Ultralight Recipes

New Backcountry Foodie Recipe Added Monthly

Complete Nutrition Profile & Dry Weight

Metric & US Customary Measurements

Adjustable Serving Sizes

Field Instruction Labels for Packaging

Search by Ingredients & Sort by Calories per Ounce

Filter by Special Diet, Meal Type, Meal Prep, & More

Suggested Recipes Using Similar Ingredients

Access Member Submitted Recipes

Submit Your Personal Recipes for Inclusion on the Site

Meal Planner

Favorite Recipes Collection

Create Unlimited Custom Meal Plans

Meal Plans Auto-Tabulate Daily Nutrition Profile

100's of Commercial Meals & Snacks to Choose From

Shopping Lists Auto-Generated & Mobile-Friendly

3-Day, 5-Day, & 7-Day Meal Plan Templates

24 Sample Meal Plans Weighing Less than 2 lbs per Day


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