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How I learned to meal plan with ease and actually love it!
How many times have you...
Experienced hunger because you ran out of food?
Carried the weight of extra food you didn't need?
Purchased expensive freeze-dried meals that didn't taste good?
Considered homemade meals but didn't know where to start?
You're Not Alone!
Does this progression sound familiar?
My first backpacking trip was in 2001 with a backpack filled with MREs (military rations).
I advanced to spending hundreds of dollars on freeze-dried meals that I didn't enjoy.
Then came my mid-life crisis. I quit my job, at the age of 40, and decided to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail.
My initial fears when I began PCT meal planning...
  • Meal planning for a 5-month long backpacking trip felt overwhelming.
  • Physically carrying enough food for long sections seemed impossible.
  • ​Continuing a healthy diet throughout the trail seemed unrealistic.
Sound familiar?!?
Despite having 16 years of backpacking experience under my belt...I panicked!
What did I do?
I used my skills as a registered dietitian and experience as a backpacker to create... 
Ultralight Meal Planning for Outdoor Explorers
The Basic Principles
  • The two pounds of food per day rule is a thing of the past!
  • ​Processed foods are replaced with healthier high calorie options
  • ​Foods chosen are a minimum of 125 calories per ounce with an average of 150 calories per ounce.
  • ​Homemade recipes are quick, easy and cheap to prepare.
  • ​Food is less bulky freeing up space in your backpack.
What does this mean for you?
  • ​You do NOT have to carry two pounds of food 
  • ​You do NOT have to stop eating your healthy diet
  • ​You do NOT have to saturate your meals with oil.
  • ​​You do NOT have to buy expensive freeze dried meals.
  • ​You WILL have room for enough food in your bear can.
  • ​You WILL look forward to eating the food you pack.
Sounds pretty cool, right?!?
These principles are the foundation of our Ultralight Recipes & Meal Planning Service.
Now You Can Meal Plan with Ease...
Ultralight Recipes
Delicious recipes are quick & easy make at home and on trail.
Meal Plans
Pre-made 3000, 4000, & 5000 calorie meal plans with substitution lists.
Meal planning worksheets & tip sheets that simplify the process.
Backpacking nutrition webinars teaching you everything you need to know.
Ready to learn more?
See My Passion in Action!
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As you can see...
I LOVE... 
...food, being a dietitian and backpacking!

...developing recipes that are delicious, quick, and easy to prepare.

...using my skills as a dietitian to simplify the meal planning process for backpackers like you.

...trail testing my own work to ensure it meets your needs.
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