Backpacking Nutrition Videos

Backpacking Nutrition

Nutrition and Meal Planning Tips from a Thru-Hiking Dietitian

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4-day Ultralight meal plan

Using DIY Recipes

backpacking food basics

Considering Calories Per Ounce

No-cook Hiking lunch idea

This is my favorite!

thru-hiker diets

Which is best for you?

backpacking food basics

Considering Calories Per Ounce

How Many calories?

Why the Golden Rule is a Bad Idea

Cold weather hiking nutrition

ultralight backpacking food

7 Overlooked Features

Backpacking hydration

Ultralight Water Filtration

Commercial freeze-dried meals

5 Reasons to Ditch Them

garlic parmesan ramen

Ultralight Backpacking Recipe

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This starter guide is for perfect for all levels of backpackers. Whether you’re going on your first overnight trip or third thru-hike, this guide will provide you with the tools needed to fuel your body to reach its peak performance

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