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$ 36 per year
  • 200+ Ultralight Backpacking Recipes
  • New Recipes Added Monthly
  • Complete Nutrition Profile & Dry Weight
  • Metric & US Customary Measurements
  • Adjustable Serving Sizes
  • Printable Field Instruction Labels
  • Search & Filter Recipes by Preferences
  • Hiking Calorie Calculator
  • $100's Worth of Discount Codes

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$ 48 per year
  • All Recipe Features Plus...
  • Favorite Recipes Collection
  • Create Unlimited Multi-Day Meal Plans
  • 43 Days of Dietitian-Created Meal Plans
  • 100's of Commercial Meals & Snacks
  • Auto-Generated Shopping Lists
  • Dietitian-moderated Forums
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Meal Planner+

$ 72 per year
  • All Meal Planner Features PLUS...
  • On-Demand Masterclasses - $120 value
  • Backpacking Food 101
  • Don't Just Eat, Eat Well
  • High Altitude & Cold Weather Nutrition
  • Ultralight Meal Planning
  • Nutrition for the Bariatric Backpacker
  • Mastering Backpacking with Diabetes
  • Dehydrating Food 101 - coming soon!



Meal Planner Membership

Meal Planner+

200+ Dietitian-Created Ultralight Recipes

New Recipes Added Monthly

Complete Nutrition Profile & Dry Weight

Metric & US Customary Measurements

Adjustable Serving Sizes

Field Instruction Labels for Packaging

Search by Ingredients & Sort by Calories per Ounce

Filter by Special Diet, Meal Type, Meal Prep, & More

Suggested Recipes Using Similar Ingredients

Meal Planner

Hiking Calorie Calculator

Favorite Recipes Collection

Create Unlimited Custom Meal Plans

Meal Plans Auto-Tabulate Daily Nutrition Profile

100's of Commercial Meals & Snacks

Shopping Lists Auto-Generated & Mobile-Friendly

3-Day, 5-Day, & 7-Day Meal Plan Templates

43 Sample Meal Plans Weighing Less than 2 lbs per Day

Community Forums

Dietitian Moderated Forums

Hiker to Hiker Discussions

On-Demand Masterclasses - $120 value!

Backpacking Food 101

Don't Just Eat, Eat Well - How to Avoid Hitting the Wall

High Altitude & Cold Weather Nutrition

Ultralight Meal Planning

Nutrition for the Bariatric Backpacker

Mastering Backpacking with Diabetes

Backpacking Food & Gear Discounts

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Tara Burns Backcountry Foodie Testimonial headshot

"This subscription has really upped my game for backpacking meals! I have now become camp chef. I love how easy it is to follow the recipes. After you buy a few key ingredients, you can make so much! I looked forward to every dessert on the John Muir Trail!”

Tara B

Brian Kimball Backcountry Foodie testiominial image circle

"Your site has been invaluable to me and really opened my eyes last year to what’s possible beyond the PCT style convenience store junk food resupply.  I wholeheartedly look forward to continuing my membership for another year and exploring more recipes this summer.  Every single one I tried last year hit it out of the park.  A smashing success."

Brian K

Joan Buttterton Backcountry Foodie testimonial image

“In 2020 I thru-hiked the Long Trail and completely hit the wall. After the hike was over I looked into improving my nutrition on the trail and found Backcountry Foodie.  I learned a ton from your seminars, and used many of your recipes for my AT section hike in Maine. What a difference! I looked forward to my meals and never ran out of energy. “

Joan B

Jason Eberle Profile Square

"These ultralight recipes are not only easy to make but are very nutritious! They save a ton of weight compared to traditional backpacking meals. I would recommend this to anyone seriously considering reducing their pack weight & taking their nutrition seriously on trail."

Jason E

Ellie Average Hiker Backcountry Foodie ultralight recipes and meal planning website testimonial headshot

"Backcountry Foodie offers quick recipes that are easy to make, and they cover the sphere – cold soak, hot, gluten free, vegetarian, etc. You name it, they really do have something for everyone. As I get older and hike further, keeping my pack weight low while maintaining healthy nutrition is important." Read full review here.


Paul Herr Backcountry Foodie ultralight recipe and meal planning website testimonial headshot
"On my five-day hike, your meals/recipes stood out. I look forward to them each day. In fact, for the meals where I did not use your recipes, I was disappointed in myself for not using your meals. You and your recipes definitely added to the quality of my trip!!!!!"

Paul H

John Garner Telescope Peak Square

"I am very pleased with Backcountry Foodie and the variety the website has. I personally use their resources for thru-hiking meal planning, and it has helped me out tremendously! Every long distance hiker should be looking into what Backcountry Foodie has to offer!"

John G


Probably! You can filter our recipes by diet type including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut free, low-sodium, low-sugar, reflux-friendly, and bariatric-friendly. We also include special diet-friendly ingredient substitutions as appropriate.

Leave that stove at home if you want! We offer cold soak recipes and no-cook options.

Yes! You’ll find several sample recipes sprinkled throughout our blog. Test drive our adjustable serving sizes and see how quick and  easy they are to prepare.

Absolutely! Each recipe includes a PDF with field instruction labels, which can be downloaded and printed.

Yes! As you create meal plans using your favorite recipes and commercial foods, the total calories, food weight, & complete nutrition profile are calculated and displayed. 

Yes! The sample meal plans can be used as a starting point and customized to meet your needs.

No, unless you want to dry your own ingredients. Only a handful of our recipes require a dehydrator.

Aaron is continually developing and testing new ultralight recipes. At least one new recipe is added each month.

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Backcountry Foodie recipes and meal planning resources are developed by backpackers for backpackers. We’re proud to have grown into an online community serving members in 20+ countries.

If you don’t love your membership, you’re covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. You can also change your membership level at any time if you wish to add or remove features.

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