Hiking Calorie Calculator

Hiking Calorie Calculator

Use our one-of-a-kind science-based hiking calorie calculator to fuel your adventures.


Tips for Using the Calorie Calculator

Hiking conditions are rarely the same for the duration of the hike.

  • Choose inputs that make up the largest percentage of the hike and produce a single estimate.
  • Choose inputs on the high and low ends and average the two estimates.
  • Consider breaking up the estimates into segments for multi-day trips that vary greatly.

Examples to keep in mind...

  • When using the 5-10% grade input, the calculator assumes that you are climbing from start to finish, resulting in an inflated estimate.
  • When using the high altitude input, the calculator assumes you are above 12,000 feet from start to finish inflating the estimate by 30%.
  • When using the hot temperature input for backpacking trips, the calculator assumes the overnight temperature continues to be >86 degrees, resulting in an inflated estimate.

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