Resupply Service

Resupply Service

Leave the logistics to us while you enjoy the trail!

Skip the hassle of resupplying during your hike

Let Aaron be your all-in-one personal chef, shopper, coordinator, and dietitian!

We do what Amazon and outfitters could never do! This exclusive service covers not only food but also gear shipments, including forwarding bounce boxes. Each box is meticulously labeled as required by resupply locations, ensuring a seamless process. We also maintain communication via GPS and offer on-trail order adjustments.

How Does It Work?

Place your Order

Via Offline Order Form

We Shop &
Prepare the Meals

We Pack &
Ship the Box

You Pick It Up

At Your Specified Location

Why Trust Aaron?

Drawing from 20+ years of backpacking experience, including four long-distance trail hikes with resupply boxes, Aaron understands the stress of missing packages and the joy of having everything on hand. She’s been through the rush to make it to the post office and the relief of zero-days spent relaxing, not running errands. She knows the ins and outs of various resupply locations, steering clear of poorly managed spots and ensuring food quality.

Resupply Service Benefits

Food Costs

20% OFF
Foodie Meals

Shipping Costs


Spend Zero Days Truly Zeroing

Piece of Mind

Knowing Your Box Is There Waiting For You

Easy Communication

Send Messages Via GPS


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Why use our service instead of doing it yourself?

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Labor Day Sale!

Enjoy 20% off our memberships when you use coupon code LABORDAY20 at checkout!

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Labor Day Sale!

Enjoy 20% off our memberships when you use coupon code LABORDAY20 at checkout!