Ultralight Recipes for Outdoor Explorers Cookbook – Digital

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Need inspiration to kick your backpacking meal recipes up a notch?

Can’t stomach another serving of instant mashed potatoes?
These ultralight backpacking meal recipes are just for you!


What does this cookbook offer that other backpacking cookbooks don’t?

  • Recipes created and field tested by Aaron Owens Mayhew, a long-distance backpacking dietitian
  • Calories provided by each recipe range from 128 to 182 calories per ounce
  • Minimal water required for preparation which means less weight in your backpack
  • Low volume meals are perfect for the limited space in bear cans
  • Detailed nutrition information allows you to meet your personal nutrition goals
  • Net weight for each recipe allows you to easily tally your food weight
  • Table of Contents button located on each recipe allows you to quickly jump from recipe to recipe without scrolling
  • Ingredients sourcing links included in each recipe reduces time spent shopping
  • Recipe label templates can be printed and included with each meal – put down that Sharpie!

Wow! That’s a lot to offer, right?

Guess what? The cookbook offers even more…
  • Recipes are dry ingredients-based recipes, no dehydrator needed
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and nut-free recipes included
  • Recipes are freezer bag style which means meals do not require simmering
  • Cook, no cook and cold soak recipes included
This is the most unique backpacking meal recipes cookbook you’ll find.
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About the Author:

Aaron Owens Mayhew, MS, RDN, CD has practiced as a registered dietitian for the last eighteen years. She earned a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Tufts University in 2001 and has since launched her own business, Backcountry Foodie LLC, in January 2018. With her business, she combines her passion for food and outdoor adventure by writing cookbooks including personally trail tested recipes and ultralight meal planning consulting services. Aaron’s bucket list of adventures is endless as is her passion for educating outdoor explorers about eating healthy for peak performance.

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Backcountry Foodie Ultralight Recipes for Outdoor Explorers Digital Cookbook

4 reviews for Ultralight Recipes for Outdoor Explorers Cookbook – Digital

  1. Cesar Hernandez (verified owner)

    I found Aaron after searching for meal plans for my upcoming JMT through hike. After reviewing her credentials and acknowledging they were top of the line, I waited for her cookbook to be published and I probably bought it in the first few days it was published. I made pesto ramen noodles on my next trip (which I loved) and I am planning to try many more recipes between now and my JMT trip. I think this is the first cookbook I buy that I know I will be getting 100% of the value. The recipes are easy to make and the cookbook provides stats about the meals that are well needed for a long hike. I cannot say enough good things about it. I truly recommend it and I cant wait to buy her next one.

  2. Dana Costello

    I read this entire book in one night. The recipes are fantastic. They are delicious and just what a backpacker needs to keep up with their special nutritional requirements. I LOVE that recipes come with sheets of labels for your food storage. Writing up labels is one of my least favorite tasks.

  3. Mitch Richeal

    I am preparing for a 4 day hike in the Sierras and have tried several of Aaron’s recipes and they are very easy to make and delicious. Using 1 packet of True Lemon Powder in the Trail Tabbouleh was too much for me so I backed it down to 1/2 packet. I did a cold soak of the Beans and Cheese Fritos for a lunch on a hike and it worked out great. I really like the Double Chocolate Coconut Pudding. I highly recommend this book!!

  4. Natalie

    The experience, the knowledge, THE EBOOK!!!, just overall wonderfulness. Aaron is a joy to get information from and she actually answers my email and messages!

    just bought the ebook and it is printed and in page protectors. trying out the recipes. I am very pleased and cant wait to give an actual book review in a few months after some recipe and logistics testing.

    well done Backcountry Foodie!

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