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Did you know OUR ULTRALIGHT recipes

Provide twice as many calories per serving
1/2 the cooking time
Are 1/3 the volume

Cost 1/8 the average price

...when compared to many freeze-dried meals?

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OUR UNIQUE DIETITIAN-CREATED RECIPES CANNOT BE FOUND IN traditional backpacking cookbooks or blogs 

Black Bean Dip ultralight backpacking recipe ready for lunch on trail.
 Black Bean Dip
193 calories per ounce
Yogurt Parfait ultralight backpacking recipe.
Yogurt Parfait
185 calories per ounce
Espresso Trail Mix ultralight backpacking recipe ready to eat on trail.
Espresso Trail Mix
150 calories per ounce
Cherry Macadamia Bites ultralight backpacking recipe. Delicious high energy trail snack.
Cherry Macadamia Bites
146 calories per ounce

If you rely on freeze-dried meals or traditional recipes...

  • Money spent on freeze-dried meals could have been used to buy that piece of gear you've had your eye on.
  • ​Your food bag will be heavier and bulkier taking up precious room in your backpack.
  • ​Your dinner will still be cooking while your friends using our recipes move on to dessert.

Here's the solution!

Our one-of-a-kind

Ultralight Recipe & Meal Planning Service


  • Exclusive access to a variety of quick, easy & cheap ultralight recipes created for members only.
  • ​Two new recipes each week dropped into your email inbox and personal membership site.
  • ​Membership site pre-loaded with 15 recipes to get you started right away.
  • ​Recipes always at your fingertips with the membership site easily accessible via any device.
Save time, money, and effort by using our recipes for your next adventure!

Why trust our recipes?

Aaron Owens Mayhew, MS, RDN
Recipe creator
Recipes are backed by nearly 20 years of experience as a dietitian and backpacker.
Members of Our Team
Backpackers, just like you, refine and approve recipes to ensure they meet your needs.

Don't just trust us...

Hear what others are saying

Aaron and I met 2 years ago at a sports nutrition conference. I’m part of the outdoor wilderness crowd and we pack these meals for all of our events. It’s awesome because we can each take something we like right off the shelf. The meals save us so much money and time. 
Michelle M - Sports Dietitian
Your recipes are absolutely delicious and so quick and easy to prep. There is undoubtedly a pep in my step on the trail, thanks to your knowledge and expertise!
 Nancy E - Smokies 900-Miler

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  • Two exclusive ultralight recipes sent directly to your inbox every week.
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  • ​Your favorite new recipes will be stored in your personal membership site.
  • By becoming a member, recipes will always at your fingertips.

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  • 60-minute monthly group calls ($300 value)
  • ​Ultralight meal planning webinars ($150 value)
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One-stop-shop for all of your meal planning needs!

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Our Guarantee

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  • No questions asked.

Treat yourself to this service!


Marinated Chickpeas ultralight backpacking recipe ready for dinner at camp.

Marinated Chickpeas
147 calories per ounce

Blueberry Pudding Pie ultralight backpacking recipe. Ready for a high calorie dessert?

Pudding Pie
141 calories per ounce

Coconut Chai Latte ultralight backpacking recipe. Hot beverage for breakfast in camp.

Coconut Chai Latte
147 calories per ounce

Quinoa & Black Bean Frito Pie ultralight backpacking recipe. Ready for lunch or dinner at camp.

Quinoa & Black Bean Frito Pie
128 calories per ounce

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