14-Day Ultralight Meal Planning Service


Personalized ultralight meal planning service takes into account your:
  • Food preferences including likes, dislikes, allergies and intolerances
  • Budget
  • Nutrition goals
  • Cooking style
  • Food weight goals
See description below for more details.
Getting started – 
  • Book an initial consultation with Aaron using the calendar below.
  • You will then receive a packet of information regarding the service from Backcountry Foodie LLC via email.
  • Aaron will contact you via phone on the chosen date and time to discuss the packet and service provided.
  • The meal planning service will begin following the initial consultation call.
  • Contact regarding the purchased service will continue to occur via phone and email until the service is completed.
If you have questions regarding our services, please contact Aaron at aaron@backcountryfoodie.com prior to purchasing.


Personalized ultralight meal planning service takes into account your food preferences, budget, nutrition, cooking style and food weight goals using store bought and/or homemade foods. This plan is best suited for moderate to extended length trips and those interested in a moderate amount of variety.

With this package you will receive:

  • Fourteen unique meal plans prepared in a way that they weigh the least amount possible while meeting your nutrition needs (i.e. 5000 calories in 2 pounds food)
  • Meal plans designed to fit as many days as possible into a bear canister and/or bear bag at your full calorie goal (i.e. 7 day supply at 5000 calories per day in a BV500 bear canister)
  • Menus will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and beverages based on your preferences
  • Each menu will be completely different from the rest preventing flavor fatigue
  • Ultralight recipes for all meals, snacks, desserts and beverages included in the meal plans (if desired)
  • Not all recipes require the use of a dehydrator.
  • Meal plans may also be created using only store bought meals if that is your preference.
  • Pre-made food label sticker templates for each recipe. No more handwriting on baggies! Print and affix!
  • Shopping list including everything needed to prepare your resupply boxes reducing time spent planning for your trip
  • Substitution list allowing you to alter the meal plans as you wish increasing the total number of meal plans available.
  • And as many tips as you need to help make your meal planning strategy be successful

Meal planning for your next adventure has never been easier!

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