Foodie’s Ultralight Backpacking Recipe Ingredients​

Foodie's Pantry


EE= Emergency Essentials® | HH = Harmony House® | HHF = Hoosier Hill Farms™ | MEP = Mother Earth Products™ | 

NAT = Natierra®| OP = Outdoor Pantry™  |  FD = Freeze-dried | DH = Dehydrated

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Herbs / Spices

Basil, dried
Black Pepper
Cayenne powder
Chili powder
Cumin, ground
Curry powder
Garlic, powder
Italian Seasoning
Parsley, dried
Red Chili Pepper Flakes
Ingredient CategoryIngredient NameBrand / Source
FruitApples, DHAmazon
FruitApples, FDMother Earth Products
FruitApricots, driedAmazon
FruitBananas, FDNatierra
FruitBlueberries, driedKirkland / Amazon or Costco
FruitBlueberries, FD - large canEmergency Essentials
FruitBlueberries, FD - small bagNatierra
FruitCherries, driedKirkland / Amazon or Costco
FruitCherries, FDMother Earth Products or Amazon
FruitCoconut, large flakesBob's Red Mill
FruitCoconut, shredded & unsweetenedBob's Red Mill
FruitCranberries, driedOcean Spray
FruitMango, FDMother Earth Products
FruitMango, FD - small bagNatierra
FruitPineapple, driedFood To Live
FruitPineapple, FD - small bagNatierra
FruitPineapple, FD - canisterMother Earth Products
FruitRaspberries, FD - large canEmergency Essentials
FruitRaspberries, FD - small bagNatierra
FruitStrawberries, FD - large canEmergency Essentials
FruitStrawberries, FD - small bagNatierra
FruitTropical Fruit Blend, FDMother Earth Products
FruitYogurt Covered RaisinsMariana
VegetableBlack Olives, FDDona Maria
VegetableCarrots, DH - large canEmergency Essentials
VegetableCarrots, DH - small containerMother Earth Products or Amazon
VegetableGreen & Red Bell Peppers, DHEmergency Essentials
VegetableGreen Bell Peppers, FD - large canEmergency Essentials
VegetableGreen Onion, DH - largeMother Earth Products or Amazon
VegetableGreen Onion, DH - small containerLitehouse
VegetableJalapeno, DH<a
VegetableMushrooms, FD - large canEmergency Essentials
VegetableMushrooms , FD - small containerMother Earth Products or Amazon
VegetableOnion Flakes, DHHarmony House
VegetableOnion Flakes, FD - large canEmergency Essentials
VegetablePeas, FD - large canEmergency Essentials
VegetablePeas, FD - small bagNatierra
VegetableRed Bell Peppers, FDMother Earth Products or Amazon
VegetableRed Onion, FDLitehouse
VegetableSun-dried Tomatoes, oil-freeFood to Live
VegetableTomato Powder - large canEmergency Essentials
VegetableTomato Powder - small containerHarmony House
VegetableYellow Corn, FD - large canEmergency Essentials
VegetableYellow Corn, FD - small bagEmergency Essentials
VegetableZucchini, DHHarmony House
VegetableZucchini, FDPackit Gourmet
Dairy / Non-DairyAlmond Milk, powderAsian Markets
Dairy / Non-DairyButter Powder - large canEmergency Essentials
Dairy / Non-DairyCarnation Breakfast Essentials, chocolateCarnation
Dairy / Non-DairyCarnation Breakfast Essentials, high protein vanillaCarnation
Dairy / Non-DairyCarnation Breakfast Essentials, vanillaCarnation
Dairy / Non-DairyCheddar Cheese, FD - small packagePackit Gourmet
Dairy / Non-DairyCheddar Cheese, FD - large canThrive Life
Dairy / Non-DairyCheddar Cheese PowderAnthony's
Dairy / Non-DairyCoconut Milk PowderZ Natural
Dairy / Non-DairyCream Cheese PowderHoosier Hill Farms
Dairy / Non-DairyEgg White PowderIt's Just!
Dairy / Non-DairyHeavy Cream Powder - 1 lbAnthony's
Dairy / Non-DairyHeavy Cream Powder - 2 lbHoosier Hill Farm
Dairy / Non-DairyParmesan Cheese, gratedKraft
Dairy / Non-DairyParmesan Cheese, packetsKraft
Dairy / Non-DairyParmesan Cheese PowderHoosier Hill Farm
Dairy / Non-DairyParmesan Cheese, FDThrive Life
Dairy / Non-DairySour Cream PowderHoosier Hill Farm
Dairy / Non-DairyWhite Cheddar Cheese PowderHoosier Hill Farm
Dairy / Non-DairyWhole Milk PowderNido
Dairy / Non-DairyYogurt Drops, FDOutdoor Pantry
Noodles / Grain / CerealAngel Hair, pastaLocal Grocery Store
Noodles / Grain / CerealBran Flakes, cerealLocal Grocery Store
Noodles / Grain / CerealBulgur (quinoa can be used as substitute)Bob's Red Mill
Noodles / Grain / CerealCouscousBaron's
Noodles / Grain / CerealCream of Wheat, instantCream of Wheat
Noodles / Grain / CerealEgg Noodles, gluten freeManischewitz
Noodles / Grain / CerealGranola, ancient grainsKirkland / Amazon or Costco
Noodles / Grain / CerealGranola, cinnamonBear Naked
Noodles / Grain / CerealGrits, instantQuaker
Noodles / Grain / CerealKashi, Go Chocolate Crunch cerealKashi
Noodles / Grain / CerealOat branQuaker
Noodles / Grain / CerealOats, old fashionedBob's Red Mill
Noodles / Grain / CerealOats, quick cooking / instantQuaker
Noodles / Grain / CerealOats, rolledBob's Red Mill
Noodles / Grain / CerealOrzoBarilla
Noodles / Grain / CerealPenne pastaLocal Grocery Store
Noodles / Grain / CerealPolenta Cornmeal, instantDeLallo
Noodles / Grain / CerealQuinoa - large bagKirkland / Amazon or Costco
Noodles / Grain / CerealQuinoa - instantOutdoor Herbivore
Noodles / Grain / CerealRaisin Bran, cerealLocal Grocery Store
Noodles / Grain / CerealRamen noodlesLocal Grocery Store
Noodles / Grain / CerealRice, instant whiteLocal Grocery Store
Noodles / Grain / CerealRice Ramen Noodles, gluten freeLotus Foods
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesAlmonds, sliced - large bagMariani
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesAlmonds, sliced - small bagFisher
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesAlmond Butter, packetsJustin's
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesAlmond FlourBob's Red Mill
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesBlack Beans, DHMother Earth Products or Amazon
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesCashews - large containerKirkland / Amazon or Costco
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesCashews - small containerPlanters
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesChia SeedsFood to Live
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesGarbanzo Beans, DHMother Earth Products or Amazon
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesFancy Mixed NutsKirkland / Amazon or Costco
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesHummus, dry mixHarmony Valley
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesMacadamia Nuts - large bagKirkland / Amazon or Costco
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesMacadamia Nuts - small containerPlanters
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPeanuts, dry roastedLocal Grocery Store
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPeanut Butter, packetsJustin's
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPeanut Butter, packetsWild Friends
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPeanut Butter, powderPB Fit
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPeanut Butter, powder - large canEmergency Essentials
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPecans, halves - large bagKirkland / Amazon or Costco
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPecans, halves - small bagFisher
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPine NutsKirkland / Amazon or Costco
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesPinto Beans, dehydratedMother Earth Products or Amazon
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesRed Beans, dehydratedMother Earth Products or Amazon
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesRefried Beans, DH - large canEmergency Essentials
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesRefried Beans, instantSanta Fe
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesSesame SeedsMcCormick
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesSunflower SeedsTrader Joe's
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesWalnuts - large bagKirkland / Amazon or Costco
Nuts / Seeds / LegumesWalnuts - small bagFisher
Herbs / SpicesBasil, driedLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesBlack PepperLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesCardamomMcCormick
Herbs / SpicesCayenne powderLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesChili powderLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesChives, FDMcCormick
Herbs / SpicesCilantro, FDLitehouse
Herbs / SpicesCumin, groundLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesCurry powderLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesGarlic, Minced FDLitehouse
Herbs / SpicesGarlic, powderLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesItalian SeasoningLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesMint, FDLitehouse
Herbs / SpicesParsley, driedLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesRed Chili Pepper FlakesLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesSaltLocal Grocery Store
Herbs / SpicesTrue Lemon PowderTrue Citrus
Herbs / SpicesTrue Lime PowderTrue Citrus
Herbs / SpicesTurmericSimply Organic
Snacks / CrackersAnimal Crackers, chocolateTrader Joe's
Snacks / CrackersAnimal Crackers, gluten-freeKinnikinnick
Snacks / CrackersAnimal Crackers, gluten-free chocolateKinnikinnick
Snacks / CrackersCarob ChipsChatfield's
Snacks / CrackersCrackers, gluten-freeMilton's
Snacks / CrackersFritos Corn ChipsFritos
Snacks / CrackersGraham Crackers, chocolateLocal Grocery Store
Snacks / CrackersGraham Crackers, honeyLocal Grocery Store
Snacks / CrackersMini Pretzel TwistsLocal Grocery Store
Snacks / CrackersNilla WafersLocal Grocery Store
Snacks / CrackersTeddy Grahams, honeyLocal Grocery Store
Snacks / CrackersVanilla Bean WafersTrader Joe's
Snacks / CrackersWheat Thin CrackersLocal Grocery Store
Sweeteners / SweetsBlue Agave, lightNOW Foods
Sweeteners / SweetsBrown SugarLocal Grocery Store
Sweeteners / SweetsButterscotch, baking chipsNestle
Sweeteners / SweetsCane SugarLocal Grocery Store
Sweeteners / SweetsCocoa Powder, unsweetenedSACO
Sweeteners / SweetsChocolate Chips, dark chocolateNestle
Sweeteners / SweetsChocolate Chips, miniEnjoy Life
Sweeteners / SweetsChocolate Chips, whiteHershey's
Sweeteners / SweetsChocolate Covered Coffee BeansGranola Kitchen
Sweeteners / SweetsChocolate Covered Espresso BeansSunny Island
Sweeteners / SweetsHoney CrystalsHoosier Hill Farm
Sweeteners / SweetsHoney Powder - small containerHoosier Hill Farm
Sweeteners / SweetsHoney Powder, large canEmergency Essentials
Sweeteners / SweetsJell-O No-Bake CheesecakeJell-O
Sweeteners / SweetsMarshmallows, miniLocal Grocery Store
Sweeteners / SweetsM&M's‚ peanut butterLocal Grocery Store
Sweeteners / SweetsNutella, hazelnut spreadNutella
Sweeteners / SweetsPeanut Butter, baking chipsReese's
Sweeteners / SweetsPudding, instant chocolate fudgeJell-O
Sweeteners / SweetsPudding, instant french vanillaJell-O
Sweeteners / SweetsPudding, instant white chocolateHershey's
Sweeteners / SweetsYogurt Covered PretzelsLaetafood
Sweeteners / SweetsYogurt Covered RaisinsMariani
Oils / MiscellaneousBuffalo Wing Seasoning, dry mixMcCormick
Oils / MiscellaneousCoconut Oil, packetsTrader Joe's
Oils / MiscellaneousCoffee, InstantAlpine Start
Oils / MiscellaneousEggs, scrambled egg mixEmergency Essentials
Oils / MiscellaneousEggs, whole egg crystalsOvaEasy
Oils / MiscellaneousMayonnaise, packetsKraft
Oils / MiscellaneousOlive OilLocal Grocery Store
Oils / MiscellaneousParma Rosa MixKnorr
Oils / MiscellaneousTextured Vegetable Protein (TVP), plainBob's Red Mill
Oils / MiscellaneousTVP, Taco or Amazon
Oils / MiscellaneousVanilla PowderCook's

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