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Backpackers are Athletes, Too! Backcountry Foodie Blog Backpackers Are Athletes Too blog thumbnail

Backpackers are Athletes, Too!

Name another sport where you have to carry the necessary gear in your pack, cover varied terrain, gain and lose elevation, take into account weather changes, and cover great distances on your feet with relatively little rest or outside support day after day.  Backpackers are absolutely endurance athletes and should fuel for their adventures accordingly!

Ugly Truth About Pop-Tarts! Backcountry Foodie Blog The Ugly Truth About Poptarts Backpacking Nutrition thumbnail

Ugly Truth About Pop-Tarts!

You’re not going to tell me Pop-Tarts aren’t ultralight, are you? Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying. A significant amount of my time over the last year was spent reviewing various blog posts and forums discussing foods typically consumed by thru-hikers.

Women Who Hike: Specific Nutrition Needs Backcountry Foodie Blog Women Who Hike and Their Nutrition Needs Backpacking Nutrition thumbnail

Women Who Hike: Specific Nutrition Needs

Let’s get this straight-not all bodies are created equal. But have you ever noticed how nutrition recommendations are a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to backpacking? Furthermore, despite both men and women having similar basic nutrition needs, there is one larger difference to consider for women who hike.

Foods to Improve Blood Flow Backcountry Foodie How to Choose Foods to Improve Blood Flow Backpacking Nutrition blog

Foods to Improve Blood Flow

Ever felt your toes tingle, or your calf cramp up when you’re halfway to the top of a mountain peak? Poor blood flow to these areas of the body could be contributing to muscle cramps or a numbness feeling in your toes or fingers.

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