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Ultimate Backpacking Food Starter Guide

I created this awesome, 31-page Backpacking Food Starter Guide just for you (for FREE)! It’s filled with my favorite backpacking nutrition and meal planning tips, hiker-friendly grocery store foods, resources, and 6 ultralight recipes to help take your backpacking food to the next level.

This starter guide is for perfect for all levels of backpackers. Whether you’re going on your first overnight trip or third thru-hike, this guide will provide you with the tools needed to fuel your body to reach its peak performance.

Ultimate Backpacking Food Starter Guide

This FREE 30-page guide includes the tools and resources needed to keep you well fueled from trailhead to summit.

Know Before You Go

My favorite nutrition and meal planning tips to keep you feeling great from start to finish.

Grocery Store Go-To Items

An extensive list of hiker-friendly grocery store foods to keep your food costs down and nutrition up.

Mix and Match Meals

Looking for new meal ideas? This tip sheet is for you!

Sample Meal Plans

Dietitian-created meal plans to use as a guide when making your own food choices.

My Favorite Resources

Enjoy a collection of my favorite backpacking nutrition videos, podcast episodes, cookbooks, Facebook groups, and more!

Ultralight Recipes

Enjoy 6 of our favorite grocery store friendly Backcountry Foodie ultralight recipes.

…and so much more!

Aaron Owens Mayhew Ella Yellow Aster Butte
Aaron Ella Yellow Aster Butte

Hi, I'm Aaron

with my sidekick, Ella

I’m the founder of the ultralight recipes and meal planning website, Backcountry Foodie, and an ultralight long-distance backpacking dietitian with 20 years of backpacking and nutrition experience.

My mindset around backpacking food took a 180 degree turn when I quit my successful clinical nutrition career in 2017 to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail after experiencing a mid-life crisis. Much like many new thru-hikers, I panicked when it came time to prepare food for the trip. Expensive freeze-dried meals and traditional hiker foods weren’t going to cut it!

After many hours in the kitchen and days in the backcountry, I get to help hikers (like you!) fuel their bodies so that they feel great from the trailhead to summit by providing trail-tested recipes, online resources, and live virtual masterclasses.

I created the Ultimate Backpacking Food Starter Guide to help you fine-tune the foods packed in your bear bag so that you can look forward to mealtime and wake up fresh and ready to hit the trail each morning.

So here’s a little nudge from me to you, to take a bit of time to think about the food used to fuel your body much like the gear that will keep you safe in the backcountry.

You’ve got this!


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